No. 1  "The Desperate Battle of the Birds"(1984)
No. 2  Fumio Koizumi's fieldworks - Why do people sing songs? -(1984)
No. 3  About Strathspeys and Marchs(1984)
No. 4  About Slow Airs(1984)
No. 5  Knitting in British Isles - part1(1985)
No. 6  Scottish Small Pipes, Lowland Pipes (1991)
No. 7 The Relativity's first Album(1991)

No. 8 The Kashiwa Hall after 7years blank(1992)

No. 9 
Nothing but Piobaireachs with Angus J. MacLellan(1992)
 David Naill Electronic Pipes(1993)
No.11 Celtic Ornaments(1993)
No.12 About the Audio Environment(1994)
 Knitting in British Isles - part2(1994)
(appendix:Guernsey Sweater & Vest knitted by MacCrimmori

Enjoy music in nature(1995)
Joseph MacDonald's reprinted Book(1995)
No.16 "The Blind Piper" Iain Dall MacKay of Gairloch(1997)
 The MacCrimmons(1998)
番外編 Thomas Bewick(2001)