Vol.58 ‘So far from the original’: The Piobaireachd Society's Second Series / by William Donaldson(2023/6)
Vol.57 Ceol Mor - A Living Legacy and General Thomason's Contribution / by Dr. JKS. Frater(2023/4)
Vol.55 Revive of "keening" culture/2019 Piping Live! - Piobaireachd of the Day: Allan MacDonald(2023/2)
Vol.55 The MacKays of Gairloch - from  PS Conference 1982 / by Alec MacRea(2023/2)
Vol.54 'Hiharin' in 1940s South Uist : A Remnant of an Earlier Tradition? / by Joshua Dickson(2023/1)
Vol.53 I Now Dissociate Myself From My Foreword in ‘Sidelights’/ by David Murray(2023/1)
Vol.52 Old Ways Are Being Written Off As If They Had Never Existed / by David Murray(2023/1)
Vol.51 "The Battle of Harlaw" - A Lost Piobaireachd? / by Roderick D. Cannon(2023/1)

Vol.50  "Dustirum" by Allan MacDonald - Revisited(2023/1)
Vol.49  Cadhas do Bhrighde(A token of respect to Brigid) / by Professor Alex J. Haddow(2022/12)
Vol.48  Piobaireachd - the communication gap / by Professor Alex J. Haddow(2022/12)
Vol.47  George Moss and the Fraser pipers / by Bridget Mackenzie(2022/11)
Vol.46  Changing Styles in Pibroch Playing / by Dr. Peter Cooke(2022/11)
Vol.45  A Flame of Wrath for Incorrect Piobaireachd Playing / by George Moss(2022/11)
Vol.44  Where Did The Blind Piper Live? / by Bridget Mackenzie(2022/10)
Vol.43  The MacKays of Gairloch - from "Piping Times" (2022/10)
Vol.42  Non-Western cultural elements of Piobaireachd / by Francis George Scott(2022/10)
Vol.41  The mystery of "Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay"(2021)
Vol.40 Piobaireachd that Let You Hear the Melody(2020)
Vol.39  The MacCrimmons' Tradition/Simon Fraser Line(2020)
Vol.38  The MacCrimmons' Tradition/Gerorge Moss Line(2018)
Vol.37  Traditional Taorluath and Crunluath(2018)
Vol.36  Alt Pibroch Club(20162020)
Vol.35  "The Daughter's Lament"(2014)
Vol.34  Robert Reid & Malcolm Ross MacPherson(2014)
Vol.33  "Park Piobaireachd No.2"(2013)
Vol.32  The Origin of the MacCrimmons(2009)
Vol.31  "The Piper's Warning to His Master"(2009)
Vol.30  John Ban MacKenzie(1796〜1864)(2008)
Vol.29  Two Piobaireachd Series (2008)
Vol.28  Allan MacDonald "Dastirum"(2007)
Vol.27  "The Sister's Lament"(2007)
Vol.26  "The MacGregor's Salute"(2007)
Extra. bugpiper's travel sketch in Scotland(2006)
Vol.25  Piob-Rocker - Stuart Cassells(2006)
Vol.24  Bill Livingstone - A Piobaireachd Diary -(2005)
Vol.23  Donald MacPherson - A Living Legend -(2005)
Vol.22  "Ronald MacDonald of Morar's Lament"(2004)
Vol.21  The Dirk Handle Style Chanter(2004)
Vol.20  Back to the origin - 1976 Hardie Pipes -(2004)
Vol.19  Here comes The Dunfion Pipes!(2004)
Vol.18 A set of Pipes for my 50th Anniversary(2004)
Vol.17 Bagpipe Music Books on CD by "CEOL SEAN"(2004 & 2011)
Vol.16 "Lament for The Laird of Anapool"(2004)
Vol.15 Fred Morrison's CDs(2003)
Vol.14 Reprinted "BINNEAS IS BORERAIG"(2003)
Vol.13 Recommended Piobaireachd CDs&DVDs(2003)
Vol.12 Are Piobaireachds unfamiliar with one's ear?(2003)
Vol.11 Synthetich Drone Reeds(2003)
Vol.10 "The Vaunting"(2003)
Vol.9 "Lament for Alan, My Son"(2002)
Vol.8 Soft Pipecase "PipersPac"(2002)
Vol.7 Self made Wooden Pipecase (2002)
Vol.6 Masters of Piobaireachd Series(2002)
Vol.5 Synthetich Chanter Reed(2002)
Vol.4 Battle of Evermore (against reeds)  (2001)
Vol.3 What is PIOBAIREACHD?(2001)
Vol.2 Anders Fagerstrom's TECHNOCHANTER(2001)
Vol.1 Practice Chanter (& Wooden case for PCs)(2001)